Progman works with world-leading and innovative MEP manufacturers connecting them to BIM. Here are some of our achievements over the years:

>> The world leader in BIM software solutions for MEP used in 74 countries

>> Experienced with 35 years of developing solutions for the building industry

>> Provider of Europe’s largest online BIM object library for MEP: MagiCloud

>> Home to 1+ million data-rich 3D product models for MEP

>> Inclusive of 200+ manufacturers.




All of the MagiCloud’s BIM objects are high-quality and incorporate the technical information designers need to run analysis, make calculations and create purchase lists.


Product Data Solutions

Offers faster, easier, more intuitive product selection and configuration tools. Specialised plug-ins connect your product to the leading BIM solutions for MEP.


Software Solutions

Our seasoned engineers can build customized software solutions based on your unique needs.
The best results are achieved by using our MagiCore platform as the base for your software solution.

Download the brochure for a full overview of our offer to manufacturers.


MagiCloud is an MEP product library of one million+ data-rich MEP products from 200+ manufacturers. In MagiCloud, your products are available as leading-edge data-rich BIM objects, with accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data for full BIM implementation.

BIM objects for Revit

We know how important it is to be able to serve customers using the BIM file formats they prefer. We have over 10 years of experience of the Revit platform and are the leading provider of BIM objects for MEP.

MagiCloud fully supports Revit and AutoCAD, enabling designers, contractors and engineers to download MEP BIM objects directly into their projects.

MagiCAD network

Users of MagiCAD gain immediate access to your product models in MagiCloud. MagiCad is the number one BIM solution for MEP in the Nordics, Russia and China, including more than 20,000+ licenses in more than 50 countries.

From your product catalogue into MEP designs

We provide you with the whole BIM object process: from creation to quality control, hosting online, distribution, marketing and analytics.

Detailed information and pricing can be found in the MagiCloud Service Catalogue.

Powerful marketing tool

MagiCloud is great for promoting your products. It can be easily integrated into your website in many ways. This grants the best user experience for your customers.

Product Data Solutions

What if you have
• products that are highly customisable?
• a need to provide extra help with finding the right product for each situation?
• a large number of product variants?
• an actively updating product repertoire?
Progman excels at designing product configurators and plugins specifically for these circumstances. We can offer:

MagiCloud Selection Tools
MagiCloud is a great platform for building easy-to-use BIM product selection tools cost-effectively. MagiCloud is directly connected to MagiCAD and Revit.

Do you already have selection software you want to
integrate to the BIM design process? A dedicated plugin builds a bridge among your existing selection software and Revit and MagiCAD

Database connections
MagiCloud can be connected with your product
information management (PIM). This means that your online BIM object library in MagiCloud will automatically update with product data from your PIM system

Software Solutions

As an MEP manufacturer you use various software solutions in different phases of your internal processes, including development, production, sales, logistics, etc.

Our Software Solutions department develops solutions to support the needs of your internal processes. These include a wide range of applications for product
configuration, product selection, specific calculations, and ERP and CRM connections.

Over the years, we have developed software components of this kind for a number of customers including Swegon ProSelect, Swegon ProUnit, and SystemAir SystemAirCAD.

We have more than 30 years of experience in software projects in the MEP industry. Our experience allows us to run each phase of the software development project with optimal efficiency (requirement specification, software specification, development, testing, training, maintenance).

Progman is a reliable, long-term software partner that works in close cooperation with your organisation to support the growth of your product sales.